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in Marina del Rey and surrounding areas

Rick Rolfe, of Notarized by Rick, is a Certified Notary Trust Delivery Agent. This means he has undergone specialty training, becoming Certified, to walk you through your Estate Planning documents. So whether you have had your estate planning documents professionally prepared for you or you have used a “do it yourself” type of estate planning service,  Rick will come to you to explain and review all of the documents in your trust package. In addition, he will confirm your choices in your estate plan like your beneficiaries and successor trustees. 


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Notarized by Rick travels tobadge for certified notary trust delivery agent Marina del Rey, West Los Angeles, Venice and Santa Monica.

There are other types of trusts as well, like Charitable, Special Needs and Spend Thrift. When we initially speak, we will talk about the trust you have.


Full trust package delivery $150 for one signer, $225 for two signers. (includes travel to you. Price would be higher if appointment is more than 5 miles from Marina del Rey)

For single documents like a Power of Attorney or Deed transfer (refer to single document pricing).

Your peace of mind is our priority! If you're in Marina Del Rey or the nearby areas and your estate plan is complete, reach out to schedule an appointment. We are here to make the process smooth, informative, and tailored to your unique needs.

Thinking of starting your estate plan or updating it?  I have wonderful resources I could share with you. Call or email me.

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Documents in a trust package typically include:

Every trust package is different and personally catered to your needs but most trust packages have these main documents.

1. Revocable Living Trust:

A Revocable Living Trust is a powerful tool for effective estate planning. It applies if you become incapacitated as well.

2. Inventory List of Assets:

Keeping track of your assets is key. I will confirm that all your assets are included, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

3. Certification of Trust:

I'll guide you through the Certification of Trust, simplifying the process and making sure everything is crystal clear.

4. Pour Over Will:

This document ensures that any assets not already in the trust are "poured over" into it. I'll explain how this fits into your overall plan.

5. Financial Power of Attorney (POA):

Understand the importance of a Financial POA and how it plays a vital role in managing your financial affairs when you're unable to do so yourself.

6. HIPAA Document: 

We'll discuss the significance of a HIPAA document in protecting your medical information and ensuring the right people have access when needed.

7. Advance Healthcare Directive:

Let's talk about your healthcare wishes and make sure they are documented clearly in your Advance Healthcare Directive.

8. Property Transfer Deeds:

We will discuss Property Transfer Deeds, ensuring a smooth and secure transfer of real estate assets.

9. Funding Letter:

Understand the importance of funding your trust properly and the role of a Funding Letter in this process.

10. Guardian Letter:

Discuss the Guardian Letter that allows you to nominate a legal guardian if you have minor children.