LAX Mobile Notary

LAX Mobile Notary can help with notarizing documents for you at the airport.

Air Travel can be stressful and sometimes important tasks are overlooked;
such as travel-like documents that need to be notarized.
Rick, notary and owner of LAX Mobile Notary, can help you with any forms
that need notarization before you catch your plane, or while in town.

Here's a brief list of documents you may need to be notarized:


  • Travel Consent Forms: When a minor is traveling alone or with only one parent, some countries or airlines may require a notarized travel consent form. This document grants permission from the non-traveling parent or guardian for the child to travel. In situations where this requirement arises at the last minute, I can notarize the non-traveling parent on the consent form so the minor can travel.
  • Power of Attorney: Travelers may need to grant a power of attorney to someone else to handle legal or financial matters on their behalf while they are away. This document requires notarization. If someone realizes the need for a power of attorney just before their flight or during a layover, a mobile notary can provide the necessary services at the airport, allowing the traveler to proceed with peace of mind.
  • Document Authentication: Some countries may require documents such as educational certificates, business contracts, or legal paperwork to be notarized and then taken through the state’s Apostille service before they can be used abroad. Travelers who realize they need an Apostille (document authentication) before or during their journey can benefit from the services of a mobile notary near the airport. The notary can notarize the documents and guide those documents through the Apostille process, saving time and eliminating the need for multiple visits to different locations.
  • Emergency Situations: Unforeseen circumstances can arise at any time, even moments before catching a flight. In emergency situations where important legal documents need to be notarized urgently, a mobile notary can come to the traveler's location at the airport, or hotel lobby, providing the necessary services promptly.


In summary, the convenience of having a mobile notary near an airport can assist travelers with time-sensitive document notarization, travel consent forms, power of attorney, document authentication via Apostille, and emergency situations. By providing efficient and accessible notary services, Rick at LAX Mobile Notary can alleviate the stress and ensure a smooth journey for individuals catching a flight.

Please note that all forms, including Power of Attorney need to be provided by you. All of them are easily downloadable from the internet – you just need to visit a Business Center to get it printed.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, therefore, by law, I cannot give legal advice, guidance regarding your transaction or related documents, or interpret the contents of those documents. Doing so would be an unauthorized practice of law, subjecting me to possible fines, loss of my notary public commission, or possibly prison.

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