senior living facility in encino ca

Notarization of Health Care Directive at a Senior Living Community

Service: Mobile Notary
Location: Encino
Document: Health Care Directive
Type of Notarization: Acknowledgement

My client wished to change her Health Care Directive to include a new agent, requiring signatures from two Belmont friends as witnesses, who could not be agents themselves. No Ombudsman was needed since it wasn’t a skilled nursing facility. Despite her expired CA driver’s license, she had a valid passport. We met in the Belmont lobby for the notarization where she agreed and consented to having the new healthcare agent. 

This same client used to live in West LA and has used my notary services in the past. She moved to this community in the Valley to be closer to her grandchildren. She insisted that I come to notarize her document even though I told her she could probably find someone less expensive by looking in her local area. Notarized by Rick will go wherever you need him!

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