Financial Power of Attorney Notarization at a Skilled Nursing Facility

Service:  Mobile Notary
Location: Assisted Living Facility in Santa Monica, CA
Document: Financial power of attorney
Type of notarization: Acknowledgement

I had the unique opportunity to conduct a notary appointment in an assisted living facility, and it turned out to be quite an unconventional setting. The client needed to assign financial power of attorney to his brother as he was preparing for extensive medical treatment. When I arrived, the staff and I scoured the facility for a suitable spot for this important task. Surprisingly, we settled on the facility’s beauty salon! It was a first for me, conducting official business amidst hairdryers and manicure stations.

In this digital age, I’m embracing technology to revolutionize the notary process. Gone are the days of cumbersome paper journals. I’ve switched to an electronic journal, streamlining the entire procedure. This technology allows me to efficiently input all the signers’ details and the titles of the documents being notarized. The best part? No matter the number of documents, clients only need to sign once and provide a thumbprint in my journal. It’s a seamless, time-saving approach that enhances the notary experience for my clients.

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